Lights Out

Part of this past weekend was spent taking down the inside Christmas decorations, including the tree. This year, it was packed chock full of lights–some stuffed deep into the tree’s interior–which created a neat effect. Unfortunately, some time back the tree decided to stop absorbing water, something about being dead I suppose, and it was on the verge of being a real fire hazard. Pulling off the decorations and lights resulted in a pile of pine needles larger than any I’ve ever imagined, and the tree itself was incredibly light. The lights were the last thing left on the tree, being the first applied, and I was fortunate to have found the very end of the chain. I removed the lights one strand at a time, watching the tree grow darker, until I reached the very last strand. “Well”, I thought, “it looks like we’ll just have to provide our own light for awhile.” As I took the tree outside, it was around 5:30 PM, but it was noticeably more light out than just a few weeks back. I know that the roughest part of Winter still lies ahead–it was damn cold the past few mornings when I went out to take care of the animals–but it is getting a little lighter each day, and I take comfort in that. I can understand why the ancients celebrated the Solstice every Winter and Summer.


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