Driveway Spam

Today, as happens every Friday, a small (circulation: ~47,263), free, weekly newspaper in a plastic bag was unceremoniously deposited somewhere in the general vicinity of my driveway. I generally don’t bother opening it up–instead tossing it directly into the recycling bin–but I just couldn’t help myself. It was a bit sad, flipping through the paper, seeing the many small and probably valuable community tidbits that few people would likely ever read.

I can find the same articles online–and much, much more–at, so why would I want this newspaper polluting my driveway? But before pulling the plug, let’s think for a minute. I remember in the movie “The Shootist”, J.B.Books, played by John Wayne (in his last film role), purchased a newspaper on the day he arrived in town, and made a point to read the entire newspaper. Which got me thinking that today, it is too easy to filter out, or not even seek, those stories that don’t reinforce our world view. J.B. Books read the entire newspaper, not just the parts he wanted to read. It’s more important (and possible) than ever to seek different points of view–even ones that differ greatly from our own.

Anyway, I have been working on that for a few months now–subscribing to twitter feeds of different persuasions–but I had neglected to be better informed about my own neighborhood, so I am correcting that starting today. Oh, and I canceled delivery of the paper version; I’m allergic to newsprint.



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