Geese Riot

This morning, I was out doing the normal chore stuff, when I suddenly heard a screeching sound I had never heard before. It turned out to be a flock of 1000’s of geese rising as one from the pond behind my house–each one honking loudly. they split into two groups; one passing overhead at about 150 ft, still honking. It was amazing to hear and see. Of course flocks of gees are nothing new; so I’m not sure if it was my position and the reflection of sound that made it surreal, or the way they took off. Anyway, the geese flew around in many directions, ultimately linking back up and resettling back down onto the pond in a huge serpentine landing pattern–quite well orchestrated. Bang! A gunshot! (I must have missed the first one?) and up again they rose. By this time, I had moved around the house to get a better view. What I noticed was that the front-runners looked like the leading edge of a wave–pushing steady onward in their intended direction. Behind them, however, was like the sea foam that followed; still generally going forward, but without the same intensity and directionality. The similarity to an ocean wave was astounding and the connection was immediate! It was fascinating to watch and hear, and there were many leadership and organizational lessons to be learned by watching individual geese and small groups. The geese did not return while I was around, and I assume they flew off for a quieter place.


About jeffmershon

Director of Program Management at SiriusXM.
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