No Pity

Summer got off to a good start bee-wise, when we captured a nice swarm off of a friend’s property to add to our one hive. But the mid-Summer formic acid treatment seemed to take a huge toll on our original hive, and that hive has now died off. It’s possible that the hive swarmed, and we just didn’t realize what had happened and failed to adjust the dosage accordingly, or maybe the integrity of the acid packs was compromised (they were old), thus subjecting the bees to an overdose. We did notice a decrease in hive activity rather quickly, but the new hive detected the old hive’s weakness faster than we could respond, and, in spite of a month-long effort to save the hive, in the end, nature offers no pity.


About jeffmershon

Director of Program Management at SiriusXM.
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