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Blinded by the light

Earlier today, facilities management at work sent an email stating that the parking lot lights near one building were inoperable and couldn’t be fixed today due to the rain. To alleviate our suffering, the security vehicle would be stationed there … Continue reading

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A few thoughts on social recruiting in 2014

In this Forbes article, Jeanne Meister offers some intriguing insights on recruiting trends and how they’ll play out in 2014. But what I found more interesting were the ten comments: One was a rant about UK politics. Another was for … Continue reading

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The wages of destruction (book review)

In The Wages of Destruction: the making and breaking of the Nazi economy, Adam Tooze sheds new insights into the Nazi regime and its actions by presenting them through the lens of economics. In the same way that Gerhard Weinberg’s … Continue reading

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An Attack of Social Recruiting

I’m on a recruiting binge. Not a hiring binge, mind you, because that would imply success, and this effort has been anything but. The weird part is that, for the first time in [mumble mumble] years, I’m working at a … Continue reading

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