An Attack of Social Recruiting

I’m on a recruiting binge. Not a hiring binge, mind you, because that would imply success, and this effort has been anything but. The weird part is that, for the first time in [mumble mumble] years, I’m working at a company large enough to have, not just a bonafide HR department, but dedicated recruiters who actually get paid to troll around looking for talent to fill my position!

It’s been frustratingly slow for all of us, to say the least. So we’re trying a couple of things, including a few new forays into the brave new world of social recruiting. The first foray is a social media campaign centered around a picture of a truncated job description written on a whiteboard as shown in this tweet. The hope is that folks will be more likely to share a picture than a boring link, and a picture of a job description written on a whiteboard might just have enough novelty to get some action. I suppose we’ll see. So far, we’re only pushing this through our personal accounts, enlisting other team members to voluntarily post the images to their social media accounts. Maybe I’ll be able to convince the company to post it on the official accounts, but I’m not going to hold my breath.

One of the systemic issues I see is the fact that no one knows SiriusXM has an office minutes from Princeton. Sure, most folks I talk to know who we are, but not one knows we’re located nearby. In fact, when informed that I had started working at SiriusXM, the usual response was something like, “so, you’re commuting into the city?” [NB: ’round these parts, “The City” means New York City]. This calls for a different approach, a more generic campaign to build awareness, or, at least that’s what I convinced myself. So that’s led to two ads: This New Year, Lose Wait!, which attempts to playfully combine the pain of commuting into “The City” with a pun of a common New Year’s resolution; and the second: So Close, So Far Out, that highlights the fact that SiriusXM is local and does some pretty cool geeky stuff involving satellites. Now that I think about it, it should probably read, “So Near, So Far Out”, so I guess I’ll have to change that before it goes out…[sigh].

Of course, the generic branding campaign should have been an ongoing thing, and I’m not sure how much impact it will have in the short run. But that won’t stop me from trying everything I can. I just received in the mail yesterday a $15 door magnet I had printed up at VistaPrint that I’m going to stick on the tailgate of my pickup. Figuring its going to be read at highway speed, it merely reads: Now Hiring. Software Engineers. Lawrenceville, NJ. with a big SiriusXM logo at the top. I’ll post a photo after this cold snap passes through.

Meanwhile, I’m still thinking of how to make a picture that conveys what I need and also has the elements that will make more people want to share it…


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Director of Program Management at SiriusXM.
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