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Triage Changes to Manage Risk Using Code Reviews

Code reviews need to happen in-band with the main development & deployment process. To do otherwise limits their effectiveness and generates resistance–like every other out-of-band task that interrupts flow. Tests and code coverage, linting, and complexity metrics are some of … Continue reading

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Robert Saunders–the Real Father of Perpetual Beta

The concept of perpetual beta is attributed to modern web applications, but I first encountered the practice–and the phrase–in the early 1990s. Yes, the early 90s, when software shipped on floppy discs! At the time, I was working at Logic … Continue reading

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Using Codepainter to Format your Node.js App

I previously posted about using jshint to catch style errors in your code. To be sure, it’s way, way, way better to have a style formatter automatically apply your chosen style right within your editor–or at least flag your errors … Continue reading

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