Current state of reducing UAV piloting workload.

Here are a few products that illustrate the current state of reducing the workload of piloting a UAV, at least for drones below a certain pricepoint:

The Hexo+ dispenses with the traditional joystick-based controller; instead, the hexacopter is controlled entirely through an app that abstracts flight control as a set of “cinematic camera movements”. The company claims that customers will “soon” be able to customize and combine these movements.

3DR has introduced a new feature that lets the operator set up any number of keyframes that the drone will follow along, moving the camera as needed.

Sensefly’s eMotion app lets you photograph an area by specifying: the area, the desired ground resolution, and amount of image overlap. The drone flies the needed flight path without operator intervention.

Sensefly’s eXom, which is purpose-built for inspection tasks, has 5 ultrasonic sensors and 5 low-res video cameras, and does offer some obstacle avoidance capabilities.


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