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Style Checking (linting) Node.js Apps

Style checking (aka linting) is a vital part of any application development process. Sloppy coding practices increase the chances of coding errors and other problems later on, and style checking can help flag many coding problems to keep your code … Continue reading

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Node.js Tests using Mocha

In this post, I want to talk a little more about basic Mocha tests. Here are two tests in my mail.service.test file: var mail = require(‘app/services/mail.service’); var config = require(‘../../config/config’); var should = require(‘should’); describe(‘Send Mail’, function() { it(‘should send … Continue reading

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Creating Tests for a Node.js App After It’s Built

For some reason, you have a node.js app that’s built, but it has no tests or documentation. Maybe you inherited it. Maybe you were feeling exceptionally manly and didn’t think you needed tests. Maybe you’re now having second thoughts or … Continue reading

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